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Needless to say, Merchant Navy (also known as Merchant Marine) is the taskforce of merchant's vessels that are registered in a specific country. King George V, during First World War, awarded the British merchant shipping fleets with this prestigious title – Merchant Navy. After that, many nations adopted it. Maybe you are looking forward to getting a job in Merchant Navy, or your organisation is trying to find a capable Merchant Navy candidate. Perhaps you or your company is doing that for a long time, but not getting the desired. We must say it's your fault if you are not getting what you are looking for. Both the options; i.e., seafarers and the shipping companies; are readily available for those who do an appropriate search. We have explored the gap and started working on finding the shortest route. Then we discovered that the unavailability of a proper channel is not allowing the job providers to contact with the job seekers directly.

To make this job more comfortable, we, at BeonBoard, have introduced a comprehensive digital platform which is connecting the job seekers and job providers directly. Our firm lets the job seekers know every update of onshore as well as offshore jobs. On the opposite side, this online marine job portal allows the job providing companies to get the updates of candidate availability. Hence, it is working as a connecting link for the job seekers and the job providers. Developed by skilled people, this job portal enables the job seekers to post their job applications and job providers to post their job vacancies.

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A career as Merchant Navy is one of the best careers for those who want to accept the challenge of an extraordinary life on the sea. It is right for you if you are dynamic and focused towards your career. BeonBoard is a unique platform where you are adequately guided while deciding the best career for yourself. The shipping industry is enormous; it requires quality and skilled men power to transport people and goods. So, there are vast possibilities of getting a variety of jobs, including onshore and offshore jobs. Each ship is occupied by a crew that is responsible for guiding and safety of the boat and cargo throughout the ocean. And every member of the team is assigned to play his/her responsibilities. Teamwork plays a crucial role here as it minimises the chance of unwanted problems. There are two different departments such as the deck department and the engine department. Sea jobs are considered an adventurous job, where endless opportunity is waiting for you. Make your mind and post your resume today!


The Assignments you will get are likely to be determined by the rank and position you will serve. And the same grade will decide the term of the assignment. For example, senior management hotel officers typically have 4-month assignments and have eight weeks of vacation. Marine officer’s duties on the ship are 14 weeks generally and the same 14 weeks' vacation. A new crew or all the other ranks generally work for straight 6 to 8 month onboard. The Assignment span or duration will be depending on the nature of work. For the laundry positions, it's ten months with six to eight weeks of vacation time. Each one of the crew will get the special duties or assignment based on your rank. There are some parameters that everyone must follow which is based according to their current rank. There are lots of ships out there such as modern ferries, luxury ships, container ships, large commercial ships, and all these needs men to do a job done.


Space on shipboard is limited. So, it has been a consistent try to enhance the efficiency of the ship. Of course, it depends on the nature of your work on board. Sometimes, you may have to share your compartment or room with one or two crew members. It will help you to learn the secrets of teamwork and relationship building. However, BeonBoard offers you a fantastic opportunity by which you can develop your skills from the crew members working across the globe. BeonBoard is an independent bridge that the seafarers and the shipping company. It, which is backed by a team of efficient professionals, delivers excellent services. Nevertheless, the crew accommodation in every ship is followed by the rules that depend on the country and these rules shall be maintained in a clean and habitable environment. Every part of the crew accommodation shall be kept free of the store; all the equipment and installations required by these rules shall be maintained in good working order. In simple word, no cargo shall be kept in any part of the crew accommodation.

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We know that you don't know what exactly waiting for you and what to expect next? How working onboard or a cruise ship is different from other jobs. A career at sea provides you with wide range job opportunities which will help you to find new friends under the very diverse conditions. Working on board also help you to improve you professional skills.

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