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The World is changing, so we are. India is developing and growing much faster than ever, technology changing the nation, Government and other Private Industries are spending money to develop their port infrastructure and fleet growing in size and numbers, demands for professionals, advancement in technology, education, and other problems are emerging each day. The hunger of growing faster create various job opportunity at an ashore and onboard ship.

Beonboard serves as an online marine employment portal where we provide marine jobs opportunity to job seekers or a person who is willing to make a career on the sea; we work as an open platform where both shipping company and job seekers can meet under the same roof. Here, we are providing you with the opportunity to find the best career on the sea. We also provide our platform to the shipping companies to advertise both onshore and offshore jobs for seamen and marine professional. We also promote different company and organization, and provide you with a new opportunity such new jobs notification and event for seamen and marine professional.

We do not give anyone to access your personal information to any recruiting agency or shipping company! Just you and only you have the power to do so, whether you are a candidate or a recruiter. We are just serving as an open portal for you to provide better communication platform, you can submit your CV online to Claim Different jobs.

Beonboard only helps you to find the best available jobs at sea, once you registered with us. It will let you manage your professional CV online on an international level, where a candidate can directly send a resume directly to the shipping company, with us you can apply for any job that comes under your qualification.

Beonboard understands our responsibilities toward you, we respect all the love, support and encouragement that we received from you is everything to us and it helps us to render our services with more professionally and effectively.

Why You Need Us

Finding the right job is one of the hard tasks to do, and it's more difficult for those who have no idea where to start. We understand the expectation of both seaman and shipping company that why instead of being a recruitment agent and we serve as an online marine employment portal that will help you to find available jobs, we provide you all the information and future updates regarding the available vacancies at different company and port. In short, Beonboard is working for the both the shipping company and seamen, by providing the open platform where both of you can manage and represent the individual or the company professional profile. Once you registered yourself with BeonBoard, you have to upload your CV on BeonBoard, which will be seen by the many shipping companies and will reflect your professional experience and educational qualification. We will send you a notification about the every available job and give you chance to apply directly job by sending your resume or CV directly to the shipping companies or recruiter.

Our Goal

• Beonboard wants to build a network between the shipping company and job seeker, who is looking for ashore and on board ships jobs.

• Beonboard promotes the job and business opportunity on the sea and works as an open platform where ship owners and managers can focus and target their marketing efforts to the largest global pool of maritime professionals.

• Beonboard will update you with as much information as possible concerning sea-going job opportunity, certificates, education, companies.

How we are going help to achieve your goal

If you are looking for a career opportunity on the sea, Beonboard is a right place to boost up your career. Beonboard offers best available career tool for maritime professionals worldwide. Beonboard help you to turn your profile into a skilled seafaring profile. Beonboard connect you directly with the shipping companies, where you can start applying to shipping companies, there are plenty of onshore and offshore jobs available in the maritime sector. Beonboard work as a bridge between the shipping company and Job seeker, here, we are providing the opportunity to join the sea. We also serve the shipping companies to advertise marine jobs and also to promote their organization by publicizing internal activities. We offer you a free service for seafarers which is based on a dynamic system of advertising sea-going vacancies of our registered maritime companies, a database of interactive resumes and a system of electronically sent notices. Here, on Beonboard you will get the opportunity to interact directly with the different shipping company where you can apply for the job. You can upload your resume or CV on Beonboard and manage your profile wisely; we will forward your Resume or CV to different shipping Company. You can also apply directly to the shipping company for the available vacancy. Once when you have created your online resume it's very easy to update it on regular basis. You can also download it in Pdf form or print it and send it to companies that are not registered on beonboard.in

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