Beonboard Cancellation & Refund Policy

The services Beonboard provides to you are subject to the following terms and conditions (T & C). Beonboard reserves the right to update the terms & conditions at any time without notice to you. Beonboard membership application does not create a tenancy, but a prepaid usage license to use the provided amenities on a monthly or casual basis. This contractual agreement is a mere authorization for the guests to utilize the premises and other facilities of the Centre. The whole of the Centre remains in Beonboard’s possession and control, in its entirety. By agreeing to this document, you understand that you are forming a legal contract with Beonboard and are agreeing to its terms & conditions.

1. Cancellation Policy

BeonBoard already states that we are very sincere towards our user's and client that why we have a transparent Refund policy. Once you have registered yourselves with us and choose any of our monthly plans, and the payment is made. Your account will be activated to our services.

BeonBoard will always update you in advance and keep you in touch; we will also notify you if there are any changes to the price of your monthly plans subscription and offers you an opportunity to cancel it if you don't want to pay the new price for our monthly plan.

By purchasing our any premium Subscription plan on BeonBoard you agree that we are just providing you an online marine job-search and crew-selection services.

BeonBoard would like to inform you in advance that once you subscribe to us and made a payment for a monthly plan, it can't be cancelled or refund. So, it would be good if the subscriber must make up their mind before subscribing our monthly plan. The currency and eligibility for any discount are depended on the nature of service and your country residency and it cannot be changed during the term of your subscription.

2. Refund Policy

BeonBoard feels that it's our job to keep things more transparent in order to satisfy the needs of our user's, that why we would want to make it clear, that once you pay the payment and subscribe to any of our plans, your account will be activated to our services. It's mean that you have a right to choose whether you want to use our service or not but you cannot cancel your subscription until the end of your current plan.

Once you have made that payment to our monthly subscription plan, we are bound to activate your subscription to provide you our services; you can renew it for further use or cancel it anytime you want but we won’t refund any payment. In other words, Cancellation of the activated plan doesn't mean that you are not entitled to a refund if you change your mind after the activation of your subscription we have provided you.

How to cancel :

You can directly contact us to cancel your subscription by contacting our customer services team on, In order to cancel your subscription you must provide us with your complete profile name, Email address, Subscription ID and Contact number.

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