3 Offshore jobs you should know about with/without Experience

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Here, you will understand more about offshore jobs and what exactly in offshore Jobs for you. We will share three offshore oil and jobs you may have never considered.

1. Offshore Medic: An offshore medic provides medical services to all crew members on a rig. Responsibilities of Offshore Medic: This includes treating illnesses, keeping medical supplies in stock and administering first aid treatment when necessary. The offshore medic works on the oil rig and is on call 24/7.

Requirements to become an Offshore Medic: Include completion of an HSE approved medic training course and a medical certificate and survival training. Certified nurses and others who have spent time working in the medical fields are great fits for this position.

Offshore experienced isn’t necessary at the nurse level but may be a requirement for doctors.

2. Camp Boss: Camp Boss is responsible for all catering and hotel services on an offshore rig.
Responsibilities of Camp Boss: Main duties of Camp Boss include managing safety and work schedules. This also includes duties such as maintaining Food, running the Kitchen, cleaning and doing laundry.

The requirement to become Camp Boss can vary by company and/or region. Some Companies requires a degree in hospitality and specific certification or one or more years of experience.

3. Offshore Driver: A commercial driver often referred to as an offshore driver works to support the oil and gas industries exploration and production sector.

Offshore Driver duties include maintaining oil platform, building underwater structures and exploring.
The requirement to be an Offshore Driver Jobs require a certain level of physical fitness and while offshore diving can be a bit dangerous but also exciting, intense and adventurous. Specific safety training is required before divers can work offshore

The offshore oil industry is one of the most exciting and interesting places to work. This job gives you the opportunity to travel all across the world while working on an Oil Rig which is very high pay.

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