Find a Job on Cargo ship

Finding a Cargo Ship jobs are not that hard. In fact, The Cargo ship offers a wide range of jobs from ordinary seamen to the captain. Job positions in this department include Captain, Chief Officer, 2nd & 3rd Officers, Boatswain and Seaman.

Master / Captain

The master or captain has overall command of the vessel. He is responsible for the smooth operation of the vessel. He directs and manages compliance with the national and international regulations.

Chief Officer/ Chief Mate

The chief officer is the head of the deck department and acts as deputy to the captain. He assists other officer and responsible for keeping the captain informed about all ongoing activities such as cargo issue, crewing problems, ship operation.

He is also responsible for operations like controlling cargo handling, ship loading, unloading, and vessels stability. It his duty to manage and organizes the deck crew with clear instruction to follow regarding machinery and other maintenance work on deck. He is also responsible for first aid treatment and medical care on board.

Second Officer/ Second Mate

The second officer is a watch officer he is responsible for directing the bridge team and navigating the ship. He is the 3rd most experienced deck department office.

Third Office/ Third Mate

In addition to his duties as a watch officer, he is responsible for performing the role of safety officer. His primary duty is safety, inspecting gear lockers, lifeboats, and all other firefighting equipment.

Chief Engineer

The chief engineer is in charge of the engine department and engine crew on a merchant’s vessel. He is responsible for all operations and maintenance that have to do with all engine machinery and equipment throughout the ship. He is also responsible for maintaining the ship at a highly technical standard.

Second Engineer

The second Engineer as a technical watch engineer is responsible for supervising the daily maintenance and operation of the engine department.

Third Engineer

The third Engineer as a watch engineer is responsible for maintenance and repair work on engine machinery and equipment as instructed by the chief engineer and second engineer.


An electrician is a person who carries out electrical work on board. He is responsible for the maintenance and repair of reefer units.


Boatswain generally leads the deck hands and carries out the task instructed by the Chief Officer. He is responsible for the monitoring and execution of all work performed on deck. Reasonable English skill is desired for this position.

Able Seamen

Able Seamen or deckhands play an important role in the commercial shipping industry or Merchant Marines. When in ports they rigged cargo booms and tend other machines used to load and unload a ship. During the voyage, they may stand watch steer the ship and inspect, maintain and operate lifeboats, anchors, cargo handling machines and other deck equipment.

Ordinary seamen

An Ordinary seaman is lowest ranking personnel on the ship. His duty and responsibilities are same as to the Able Seamen and other tasks include standing lookout and generally, cleaning duties.


Fitter is responsible for reconditioning and overhauling spare engine parts and equipment. He also carries out welding operations on board.


Wiper performs a manual labor to perform a task such as to clean the engine room, painting and assists in repair works. He is not a qualified member of the engine room in the true sense of the position.

Chief cook

The chief cook is responsible for catering service and preparation of meals for crew members. Chief cook supervises the maintenance and operation of the gallery, pantry, rooms and inventory control.

The steward reports to the chief cook and is responsible for cleaning the recreation rooms and the crew cabins as well as checking the ship’s laundry room.