How to get a job an off shore oil rigs?

Do you want to get a better-paid job? Well, in that case getting into an onshore and offshore job can help you with that. Don’t worry if you have no previous experience of working in this industry. You can get an offshore oil rig job without having an advanced knowledge.

How much you can earn on offshore oil rigs job

There are a large number of offshore oil rig jobs available. You can work at drilling companies; you can work at exploration and production companies. You can work at oilfield service companies in return you will get good wages and benefits. An entry level can earn 50 thousand dollars to 80 thousand dollars per annum and this only involves six working months out of the year. If you are in the technical and professional position you have a better chance to make up 70 thousand to 220 thousand per annum. You will get very comfortable accommodation conditions.

What the Working Schedule

The accommodation from offshore platforms meets 4 or 5 start hotel standards. The meals and other living expenses are covered while you are on board. The work schedule of an offshore oil rig is rotational, with the duration of rotations varying from 14 to 28 days. Employees that work on a 14/14 rotation have 14 days off for every 14 days they work. Employees that work on a 28/28 rotation have 28 days off for every 28 days they work.

How can you get this Job

For a truly motivated individual in a good physical condition, the opportunities for advancement in the oil industry can be limitless. Many workers begin at the bottom, in a position such as a maintenance roustabout, painter or motorman only to work their way up to more technical or managerial position. The key to advancement is an eagerness that individual has to learn and apply that ability and techniques on a daily basis. If you want to travel and see the parts of the world you will going to be find it adventures and challenging. In the offshore industries, you will many travel opportunities and adventure exists as part of the job. Before you have a skill and will. You need to use this skill where oil and gas production is in demand. Trust me; it is not that hard to find the best job on the sea. In today’s world, it’s not that hard to travel around the world to get into an oil rig jobs with high paying possibilities.
If you still don’t know what kind of work you really have to do in oil and gas? You first need to educate yourself a little bit about Oil and gas industry. If you have no idea what to do next that will help you to get into Oil and gas industry. Then I would like to suggest you get some training and course before applying for a job. There are lots of platforms where you can get training course such as Expert-LED Drilling Course, production course, Offshore Drilling platform, offshore production jobs.
I would like to tell you again, it’s true that there are good career and opportunity to see much more. However, in order to achieve that goal you need to prepare yourself and need to learn as much as you can to prove yourself.