How to get reliable offshore employment?

Finding a reliable and secure onshore or offshores employment still a big challenge for people.

That’s why I have decided to share a few things about oil and gas career opportunities in oil and gas industries. In meanwhile you will learn how to find a reliable job and how to secure job. If you don’t know how to secure onshore or offshore jobs you need to stay with for a while.
I understand that many people these days looking at gaining financial security and seeking career changes. And for that reason, oil and gas are one of the great opportunities we have to boost our career.

Many of the world largest oil and gas production companies have representation in India. The role and need of petroleum engineer are now more important than ever. The world’s oil and gas resources provide some of the richest dense valuable energy sources available.

You could be forgiven for thinking that oil and gas is fairly specialized professional to get a job on the Oil rig. But, you soon discover that not always. The reality is the across the board there probably just as many jobs that don’t require experience. Obviously, there are some positions that require a certain level of experience and qualification that you may not possess.

For example, there are many oil and gas jobs that required specialized qualifications such as engineers and electricians that require a university degree. However, other roles such as laundry hand and kitchen stuff can be a relevant way to get a job on a rig.

How to start search for Onshore Offshore employment

Keep in mind, that the demand for people, both skilled and unskilled is huge. An opportunity exists across all level to every respect at job seeker market. All you just need to know, what you looking for and more importantly how to look for it?

Knowledge, persistence, and ability to mark your self-are the key. Do your researches, talk to people industry, and look for the online jobs to find a better job.

Where to find Offshore and onshore jobs is one of the best online jobs where you can actually find oil and gas onshore and offshore employment. Here, you can start by selecting Mining, Resources, and Energy and then you can select to apply for any current job available. Well, you will see that there are many skills and qualification that are very transferable from other industry to oil and gas.

Oil rigs and Gas Plant needs Process & Production operators, Engineers, Project Managers, Electricians, Boilermakers, welders, Mechanics, IT Personnel, HR people, Medical Staff, Logistics Experts, Safety Advisors, and many more. Oil and Gas Company employ peoples across a broad range of area from unskilled labor to mining engineers.

How to get onshore-offshore job without experience

There are also opportunities in administrative resources and management positions. There are also new opportunities such as trade assistants, boilermakers, carpenters, welders, electricians and Plumbers. But what if you don’t have any skill or experience that relate to the oil and gas industry. You can also check websites like, and and many more.

You will soon discover that oil rig and the gas plant also recruits people for driller’s Offsiders, riggers, scaffolders, electricians, engineers, cook’s, cooking staff, cleaners, and roustabouts. Many of these positions required no experience; all you need to have is a sense of adventure, flexibility and willingness to work.

As you probably know oil and gas jobs achievable but also very competitive. So, it most important to ensure that you have a resume professionally designs to standout your competitors.