Know why cargo ship jobs are going to rule this decade

Shipping carries more than 90 % of everything that moves in the world today. It facilitates world trade and world trade is the lifeblood of economic growth in the world and so without that world trade would truly come to a halt.
The Shipping industry is considered as one of the well-paid jobs on the sea. It offers you diverse and adventurous lifestyle and provides you with the opportunity to travel all around the world. It’s evolving like any other industry which is playing a very crucial role globally. It provides support and growth to the international economies. As International trade growing, the demand for new ships has increased with new jobs opportunities. It’s simply means that you will find a offshore employment, all you need to do is proper planning for it. And if you are planning to do so, first you need to find your interest, aspirations and expectations. Then you must do proper research, education and training to get a job on a cargo ship.

For example, if you are a kind of person who wants to travel all around the world and want to experience different people and cultures, you are at right place. In return, you will get high pay and other benefits if there is any. If you looking for a job that will boost your self-confidence and offers you a promising future in oil and gas industries. If so, then working on the container ship or cargo ship may be the best option for you.

But you must understand the life at sea is very challenging, working period is quite long, and you may share your room with your mates. You may feel lonely and homesick sometime, you will miss family and friends. But in the end, you will be happy and satisfied. So, be careful and think wisely before taking any big steps.

If you scared of a sea, and don’t want to work on the sea. Then, it’s time for you to explore more about onshore jobs in shipping industries.

Life on the Cargo ship

Working on a cargo ship can be exciting; your crew member becomes your new family on the ship. Well, there are lots of things that will thrill you and endure for a lifetime. The experience and skills you learned are easily transferred to on-shore jobs or to a different shipping industry.

The list of employment opportunities in international shipping industries is vast but basically, they categorised into four main categories.

General Crew: General Crew members responsible for a Cargo ship and deck areas, includes every single cargo operation, navigation, berthing and un-berthing operations. They are responsible for the maintenance of a ship as well as the all the ship deck facilities equipment, utilities and deck machinery.

Marine Engineer: Marine Engineer responsible for the protection of mechanical and structural systems. This job requires good multi-tasking properties.

Deck Officer: Deck Officer is responsible for Safe and controlled Navigation at sea, and Once reached the port, Deck officers are also accountable for the systematic flow of cargo from the ship to dock.
Marine Cook: Marine Cook responsible for preparing the meals for the staff on the ship, including things like ordering and budgeting.

Steward: Steward responsible for crew accommodation and assisting the Marine Cook. Normally, the stewards hold a safety and medical training certificate.

Onshore Shipping Industry Jobs

Onshore shipping jobs fall into three categories:

Shipbuilding and repair: It includes Designing, engineering and construction of a new ship, as well as repair and maintenance of the ship.

Port operations: Port Operation includes things like a passenger, loading-unloading, distribution, and port security. Port Operation includes such position as truck and ship loaders, fleet engineer, chartering manager, shipping broker, freight agent, marine engineer, transportation manager, and longshoreman.

Crossover positions: This position includes jobs like shipping clerk, receiving clerk, accountant, public relation, marine biologist, maritime lawyer and Human resources specialist.