Offshore Jobs opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry

As you all know shipping is an industry that contributes over 90% to the total world economy. There are more than 5 thousands merchant ships roaming all over the world, transferring goods and keeping the economy healthy and sound. Whether it’s an oil or wheat, everything is running round the clock, with precision and diligence.

In case, if you are one of those who seeks a job in oil and gas industry, then you must know that working on oil rig platform is one of the most challenging jobs and it will test your physical strength every day. In return, you will receive a good payment and some other benefits assured by the employing company.

Right now, there are lots of jobs for the oil and gas position, mainly in a production sector. This sector includes activities such as drilling and extraction of the petroleum from the reservoirs. It doesn’t matter whether you want to find a job on the California coast or in the Middle East. There are many Companies which operate both offshore or onshore activities and always in need of skilled manpower.

Career Opportunities on an oil rig

1. Rig manager: Rig Manager also be known as Roughnecks and Roustabout, and it’s an entry-level position on the oil rig. For this position, you don’t need to have any skills or degree, which means everyone is allowed to apply for this position.

This position is one of the important positions for the rig crew where you have to work for long schedules in different weather conditions.

2. The Driller: The Driller position requires you to supervise the crew member’s activities that perform different tasks on the rig platform. To be driller you need to have several certifications, such as First Aid treatment course or Safety Course. Remember all these certificates allow you to find a better job, with a high payment.

The responsibility of Driller:

You should know that drilling on rig involves lots of responsibility such as making sure that work is going done according to the regulations of your oil company. He is responsible for constantly verifying the equipment and records the data in a log.

The driller checks if the required work is done properly, safely and efficiently under the regulations of the oil company.

3. Derrick Hand Position: If you want to apply for this position you should know in this job you have to spend a lot of time on a high oil rig platform. Derrick’s hand main task is to stack the drill pipe during its tripping out or guiding it while inserting into drilling hole.

4. Motor Hand: Motor Hand Position involves activities such as maintenance and repairing of various machine or engine available on the rig. If you have a knowledge or interest in mechanic and electric engines, then this job is definitely for you. To be a motor hand you need to several certifications such as First aid course and Safety course. Those who already have an experience are also an advantage for the one who wants a motor hand position.

You must know that motor hand position is an outdoor job and it’s mean it will require or involves a lot of traveling. There is some additional task such as supervising the roustabouts and the roughneck, ordering the new or replacement parts for broken equipment, checking the equipment and assure a flawless functioning.

No Doubt, there are lots of vacancies for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have an experience or not, the things that really matter is that offshore jobs require a lot of physical hard work. All employees will get good accommodations, food, and other facilities assured by the rig company. Your work schedule is 2 week of work and 21 days off, which is more than convenient for the Oil rig worker.