Oil and Gas Industry Career Options

You may be glad to hear that oil and gas always in desperate need of professionals, tradesperson and semi-skilled workforce to support in the extraction of oil and gas. The current trend in the oil and gas industry shows stable employment but still has some fluctuations between sites, such as offshore oil rigs and seasonal production.

Professionals and Engineers

The oil and gas industry depends on the expertise from the different field such as petroleum engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer and Geoscientists. Geoscientists determine where oil and gas can be recovered. Mechanical engineers are required to check the design and maintenance of a facility. Similarly, Chemical and Petroleum engineers participate in the recovery and transport of the oil and gas. Remember all these career opportunities require at least 4-year degree in the respective field. Those who have been working in these industries will get the advantage of having previous experience.


Those who want to apply for technician’s position should know that this position requires at least one or two year’s course in a post-secondary program. If you have an interest in this job then you must know that you can be instrumentation technicians, field technicians, draftspersons and lab technicians. There are internships available for you and for students currently enrolled in this program. There are many examples where many technicians find their career in sales and supply services, rather than working on the oil rig platform or in the oil fields.


IT is everywhere, all oil and gas recovery facilities need a computer to run the extraction machine and to do so they need IT professional to maintain the computers, network and programs. It professional can find a various position like network security, network administration, writing programs for instrumentation and even improve worker safety on the rigs.


Trades can be divided into a various position such as Mechanics, welder, pipefitters, ironworkers, electricians, and millwright. You can apply for all these employment in oil and gas extraction facilities. Those who have an experience as a trade’s people will get preference. Remember like any other oil and gas workers, tradesperson may have to work long hours and spend several weeks on extractions site far away from home.


Roughneck can be described as a person that works on an oil rig. A Roughneck performs most dangerous and demanding works on the rig. For those who love to take responsibilities in life may enjoy this position, and in return, you will get high pay.

There are also careers as transporters, such as driving a wide range of trucks or digging and drilling equipment on site, transporting oil and gas to refineries or to retails sale point.

Camps, rig and other facilities also required manpower such as cleaners, cooks, medics, nurses and safety personnel. Remember each position have different eligibility criteria which totally depends on your education qualification.
Offshore Job seekers must know that getting a job in offshore industries doesn’t require experience for each and every job. It totally depends on job or position you want to apply. Considering an Offshore job as a career will lead you to an adventurous journey and pay you good wages in return.