The current scenario of offshore vacancies for seafarers

As the industrial world expands and thus involves an ever-increasing proportion of the world’s population. The demand for cost-effective transport is growing not least when it comes to sea transport. In order to guarantee an efficient economically sound safe and environmentally sustainable shipping industry, there must be enough people with wide-ranging competence who can design and build ships, navigate at sea, operate machinery and load vessel while safety at sea still given priority and the marine environmental impact is minimized.

The current scenario in Cargo shipping industry has been changed a lot due to increasing the number of ships and crewing requirement and all this happening because of a low and improved cost of fuel and oil price. So, if you looking for offshore jobs for seafarers on a cargo ship. First of all, you should know what in Offshore Cargo ship for you and what exactly you should do to get a reliable offshore vacancy for cargo ship. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start your search for cargo ship employment. Here you will learn the basic of how to become a seafarer and how to find jobs in Cargo shipping industry.

Hoe to get a job on Cargo ship

First of all, you need to know that there are two kinds of ship one is cruise ship and second is a cargo ship. As you know Cruise ship basically used for tourist travel, on other hand Cargo ships are mainly used for transportation of good. You can apply for both after doing hotel management.

Each ship needs a crew that is responsible for guiding the ship or maintain the security as well as the safety of the ship. In order to overcome the various challenges during the journey, teamwork plays a major key among the crew members. Each and every person has assigned to a different task and responsibilities.

The ship structure consist two departments which are known as deck and engine department. Both the departments required a skilled manpower for various positions which are responsible for the smooth functioning of the ship.

Deck department is responsible for the movement of the ship, which means deck department deals with navigation as well as the loading and unloading of the Cargo. On another hand Engine department are responsible for keeping the Engine in running condition and the maintenance and repairing other machines on the ship.

Job opportunities in Cargo ship

1. The captain: The captain of the ship is an in charge of all the responsibility on board. He ensures that ship is in good conditions and running efficiently.

2. Ship Deck Officer: The second and third officers oblige to the first officer’s duties. Together they ensure that ship is held on its right course 24 hours a day. To be a Ship deck officer you must possess a nautical or technical certificate of course competence. He ranks second in command after that captain and he ensures that the vessel, its cargo and safety equipment are in good shape.

3. Ship Engineers: Technical officers are the engineers on Cargo ship. They are responsible for keeping the ship and its machinery in running condition.

4: Ratings: The crew member those don’t have certificate of competence are called rating. Ratings are responsible for all the backstage work that arises during the journey. These jobs include work such as mooring, cleaning and repairing broken ropes. And all these jobs are considered as physically challenging since they have to be accomplished in every weather condition.

However, these are just some of the available opportunities at offshore cargo ship. The Job availability depends upon the size and type of the vessel. Well, there are lots of maritime job portal where you can find cargo ship employment. You can contact cargo ship recruitment agency by your own if you wish. For more detail or regarding offshore jobs at sea feel free to subscribe us. So you can get every new updates on jobs at sea.