The Seaman’s Life

Hey, I don’t know where to start it but when I see people asking me about my life as seamen, well if I say honestly says, I’m grateful of pursuing my career on a sea why? Well, from the childhood I always wanted to travel all around the world and explore the different culture, people and beauty, I must say.

What when it comes to the question that who I become seamen, well, it is an interesting story I never even thought that one day I’m going to be seamen but maybe it’s what we called fate.

So, after the graduation, I pushed myself too hard for the Government exam preparation for next 2 year, but had no luck in that I was very disappointed with my performance and all the positivity thought from my mind has gone or vanished. I was confused and I’m losing faith in me, so I then decided that I will pursue my career according to my interest and opportunity to explore a life on the sea. I started gathering all my resource to understand the basic recruitment process, nature of the job and future expectations.

I started looking for the online employment portals and i find out the one website where you can submit your Resume or CV, and they will circulate your resume among of shipping company for the recruits. It also allows you to apply directly to the shipping companies for a particular job, so I uploaded my educational resume on the website and start waiting for their reply. After few weeks, I got my first email from an overseas company which says that my resume has been selected for the interview. It’s was the first time when I smile in last 3 year, not because I found it as a joke, more precisely i found it as a once at life opportunity. Although it was just one email and it was enough to charge me and boost my confidence.

Today I found myself lucky because now I’m serving my life on the sea, to explore more and to learn more by interacting people from all over the world.